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It's time for Our Second Annual THRAG at the
Interactive Museum of Gaming and Puzzlery

Twenty-four Hour
affle And Game-a-thon

Thrag is a Fundraiser for IMOGAP that happens at the museum on Saturday October 21st from Noon to Noon of Sunday October 22nd.

Please consider these

SIX Mighty Challenges from THRAG

  • 1) tHrAG challenges gamers to play 500 games
  • 2) ThRAg challenges sponsors to increase the Reward Pool
    • Click Here to register as a sponsor
    • Sponsor game players
    • Donate games for the Raffle
    • Donate Items of Interest for the Silent Auction
    • Donate supplies for THRAG
  • 3) thRAg challenges people to ask for stuff for THraG
    • You can ask stores or companies for things like food, drinks, games, and more
    • IMOGAP is a non-profit public charity, so all contributions are tax deductible
    • Here is an ask form that you can print out and use when you ask for stuff
  • 4) thRAg challenges hosts to host their favorite games
  • 5) ThraG challenges peoples to donate fine items for the silent auction
    • Click Here to donate items
    • Support the museum by uncluttering your home
    • Find new homes for good things
  • 6) tHRag challenges all the people to come to THRAG!

ThRaG working Schedule and Activities

(subject to change because Thrag is a capricious Thrag)
  • Noon: Thrag Ring Bell!
  • 12:15: Giant Dominoes
  • 1 pm: Kill Doctor Lucky
  • 2 pm: Multiboard Skittles Challenge
  • 3 pm: Wheel of Fortune Multi-Trivia Madness
  • 4 pm: Word Games (Scrabble, Perquacky, Boggle)
  • 5 pm: Back to Basics (Monopoly, Life, Sorry)
  • 5 pm: Pathfinder Card Game with Chester (6 seats)
  • 6 pm: Puzzle Races
  • 7 pm: Game Design Challenge Start
  • 8 pm: Giant Chess
  • 8 pm: Magic Draft Conspiracy with Nick (12 spots)
  • 8 pm: Dungeons and Dragons with Sadie (7 spots)
  • 9 pm: Casino Games (Poker, Craps, Roulette)
  • 10 pm: Race for the Galaxy
  • 10 pm: Karaoke with Dianne
  • 11 pm: Game Design Challenge Judgement
  • Midnight: Game Design Challenge Results
  • Midnight: Arkham Horror with Tim (7 seats)
  • 1 am: Takenoko/Tokeido
  • 2 am: Giant Jenga
  • 3 am: Telestrations/Pictionary
  • 4 am: Dominion
  • 5 am: Iron Dragon (6 spots)
  • 6 am: Disc Golf Horse
  • 7 am: Quoridor
  • 8 am: Captain Sonar
  • 9 am: Red Dragon Inn
  • 10 am: Co-operative Craziness
  • 11 am: Gut Bustin' Games
  • 11 am: Whipcream Toss
  • Noon: Thrag Ring Bell!
  • Noon: Last Raffle Drawing!
  • Along the way: Raffles, prizes, snacks, drinks, and music. Webcasting for 24 hours. Face Painting. Silliness.

This guy is THRAG the ProtoGamer. Thrag makes his own rules! We've adopted him from Wikipedia - the photographer is Michael Gunther. (From a historic perspective he's actually a guardian for a Javanese/Hindu temple called Sukuh)

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(503) 968 - 9998

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