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Exciting new projects
We are starting work on some new projects.
Membership benefits are getting better,
and we are working on joining the WPN!

It's time for Our Second Annual THRAG at the
Interactive Museum of Gaming and Puzzlery

Twenty-four Hour
affle And Game-a-thon

Thrag is a Fundraiser for IMOGAP that happens at the museum on Saturday October 21st from Noon to Noon of Sunday October 22nd.

Please consider these

SIX Mighty Challenges from THRAG

  • 1) tHrAG challenges gamers to play 500 games
  • 2) ThRAg challenges sponsors to increase the Reward Pool
    • Click Here to register as a sponsor
    • Sponsor game players
    • Donate games for the Raffle
    • Donate Items of Interest for the Silent Auction
    • Donate supplies for THRAG
  • 3) thRAg challenges people to ask for stuff for THraG
    • You can ask stores or companies for things like food, drinks, games, and more
    • IMOGAP is a non-profit public charity, so all contributions are tax deductible
    • Here is an ask form that you can print out and use when you ask for stuff
  • 4) thRAg challenges hosts to host their favorite games
  • 5) ThraG challenges peoples to donate fine items for the silent auction
    • Click Here to donate items
    • Support the museum by uncluttering your home
    • Find new homes for good things
  • 6) tHRag challenges all the people to come to THRAG!

ThRaG working Schedule and Activities

(subject to change because Thrag is a capricious Thrag)
  • Noon: Thrag Ring Bell!
  • 12:15: Giant Dominoes
  • 1 pm: Kill Doctor Lucky
  • 2 pm: Multiboard Skittles Challenge
  • 3 pm: Wheel of Fortune Multi-Trivia Madness
  • 4 pm: Word Games (Scrabble, Perquacky, Boggle)
  • 5 pm: Back to Basics (Monopoly, Life, Sorry)
  • 5 pm: Pathfinder Card Game with Chester (6 seats)
  • 6 pm: Puzzle Races
  • 7 pm: Game Design Challenge Start
  • 8 pm: Giant Chess
  • 8 pm: Magic Draft Conspiracy with Nick (12 spots)
  • 8 pm: Dungeons and Dragons with Sadie (7 spots)
  • 9 pm: Casino Games (Poker, Craps, Roulette)
  • 10 pm: Race for the Galaxy
  • 10 pm: Karaoke with Dianne
  • 11 pm: Game Design Challenge Judgement
  • Midnight: Game Design Challenge Results
  • Midnight: Arkham Horror with Tim (7 seats)
  • 1 am: Takenoko/Tokeido
  • 2 am: Giant Jenga
  • 3 am: Telestrations/Pictionary
  • 4 am: Dominion
  • 5 am: Iron Dragon (6 spots)
  • 6 am: Disc Golf Horse
  • 7 am: Quoridor
  • 8 am: Captain Sonar
  • 9 am: Red Dragon Inn
  • 10 am: Co-operative Craziness
  • 11 am: Gut Bustin' Games
  • 11 am: Whipcream Toss
  • Noon: Thrag Ring Bell!
  • Noon: Last Raffle Drawing!
  • Along the way: Raffles, prizes, snacks, drinks, and music. Webcasting for 24 hours. Face Painting. Silliness.

This guy is THRAG the ProtoGamer. Thrag makes his own rules! We've adopted him from Wikipedia - the photographer is Michael Gunther. (From a historic perspective he's actually a guardian for a Javanese/Hindu temple called Sukuh)