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IMOGAP has one of the largest, publicly accessible game collections in the world. Dozens of game types and themes are available to be played; including, tabletop, cards & dice, collectible cards, miniatures, role-playing, collaborative, city building, diplomacy and negotiation, wargames, sports, dexterity, trivia, puzzles, digital and mixed media. We seek to document and celebrate all aspects of gaming culture. IMOGAP is continuously bringing in new games to its library; providing access to specialty games that would not otherwise be available to the average gamer. These might be games with a limited availability due to small production runs, exclusive content for collectors, or games priced out of the average gamer’s budget.

The library collection contains physical items as old as 1885, reproductions going back 5,000 years, and out-of-print, pop culture rarities. Our museum seeks to preserve actual copies of unique games from recent periods of history before they are lost to the coming age of digital games. Notable additions to the collection include: Zomax, “the world’s greatest game;” Halma, an 1885 precursor to chinese checkers; Touring, a 1930’s precursor to Mille Bornes; Hearts, a 1914 letter cube game; and Nintendo Game and Watch: Pinball, one of the first handheld video games from 1982.

You can find many images of items in our collection at our Tumblr Feed. If you have any thoughts about items in our collection you can let us know using the Ideas and Feedback link below.

Museum Game Library

Total Items = 8,211 (as of 09-Dec-19)

3 Months Ago = 8,112
One Year Ago = 7,295

15607 SW 116th Ave
King City, OR 97224

(503) 968 - 9998

IMOGAP is a registered 501(c)(3) public charity.
Open Tuesday thru Sunday
Noon - 9 pm

Open to schools and groups anytime by appointment.
Daily Admission
Adults: $5
Seniors 65+: $4
17 and under: $3
5 and under: Free
Groups of up to 6: $15
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